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GastroArt - Electrolux Cooking Experience Venue is a modern, valet friendly gastro-venue that can accommodate to a variety of different functions and where every single detail, starting from the most modern household equipments to the unique appliances and designs, serve the purpose of providing a lifetime culinary experience to our guests.

The 190m2 room, designed specifically to host cooking programs for small, maximum 48-member groups of tasting and cooking school guests, meets the expectations of both companies and private individuals.

Choosing the locations of this project in the center of the city’s most dynamically improving soho district, it was important for us to have an unlimited number of parking lots, good public transport and infrastructure for bikers. The perfect place has been found in Király utca, in the building of Central Passage where - with the contribution of Electrolux - we created this special, and unique venue. We hope that with the opening of this place in February, we will contribute to the growth of Budapest’s gastro heritage. It’s important to note that our guest can choose from a number of different options when it comes to gastro-events; on our palette several types of programs can be found, and we also open to unique ideas as well.

For program organizer companies we have a special price offers

For more information, please contact us.

The creators of GastroArt - Electrolux Cooking Experience venue are experts with sever decades of experience behind them so they know for sure what you need to have a memorable experience. We have put together our list of services, so that you can find everything on it from basic equipment and extra lightning technologies to grandiose gastro and entertaining programs. Choose any of them just as if you were in a restaurant. If you are not sure about what you want, ask our staff for advice. We are glad to be at your service and to help you pick what’s most suitable for you.

Basic services:

In case of an event, the rent includes the completely clean room, the basic lightnings and one 50" plasma TV. The basic daily rent includes extra 2-2 hours for building and packing above the normal business hours. The room is equipped with an alarm system directly connected to the police station. The room can be rented with basic equipment (main counter + 4 cooking plates + 4 6-people counters). The basic price includes the use of 3 x 100A for a maximum of 4 hours. The price also includes the use of a sound system for background music and music spots.
Additional services

Extra staff:

- Security service
- Hostesses
- Coatroom service
- Waiter, bar services
- Program manager service in Hungarian/ English/German
- Program manager assistant service / chef assistant
- Sommelier
- Bartender

Extra equipment:

- Mounted, board table (80cm x 160 cm)
- Counter (180 cm x 80 cm x 105 cm)
- Bar-chair (height 78 cm)
- Round banquet table
- Banquet chair
- Cooking plate

Extra technology and staff

- Extra sound system (2 500 W JBL compact loudspeakers, 1 amplifier, 1 4/4 audio-mixer and 1 wireless microphone set)
- Wireless microphone
- Sound technician
- Extra lightning technology / led spotlights ( strap-on led spotlight, and built in extra spectacular lightning with accessories)
- Lightning technician
- Extra projection technology / Plasma TV (hung or on a stand)
- Extra projection technology / Projector (ANSI Lumen 3000)
- Projection technician

Program packages

- Basic, school kitchen kind of cooking program
- Extra, school kitchen kind of cooking program
The price of our packages include the ingredients, the tools and the staff necessary for the program. For specific offers, contact our colleagues.