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Conditions and important information

- The prices and program descriptions listed on the website are for information 
purposes only. Every time contact our staff in reference to a certain program 
or project. 

- Every person attends our programs with responsibility for their own. 

- Guests, for their own safety, claim that they are not under the influence 
of alcohol or any mind altering substances during the programs. 

- Our programs can be attended only by guest with valid insurance. 

- Those programs that involve alcoholic beverages cannot be attended 
by guests under he age of 18. 

- The services included in the price are always listed, please read it 
carefully, or ask specific questions before the event in order to avoid 
misunderstandings in the future.

- Programs only start with necessary minimum amount of guest, or after 
paying the relevant attendance fee. 

- We consider the ordering of a service valid when the contract has been 
signed on both sides and the price has been payed either by cash or via 
bank transfer. 

- We offer different conditions of paying and canceling options for our programs,
but in every case we provide the chance to attend if the attendance fee has been 
payed 72 hours before the event. 

- The listed programs are the intellectual property of PP Project Kft. so the must not 
be used in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the company.